Bonus Sale

Fly By Night Bonus Sale
For every dollar you spend on merchandise, you earn a 10% bonus that can be used towards the purchase of more merchandise.
$1000 Sofa
x 10% = $100 bonus
towards other merchandise
  $500 Chair
$500 - $100 bonus
= $400 final cost for chair


  1. The Bonus Sale ends Feb 26th, 2017, with no exceptions
  2. Your Bonus must be used on the same invoice that it is earned. It cannot be saved for later or used on a different day or at a different time.
  3. The Bonus Sale does not apply to previous sales. Items cancelled from previous sales cannot be added to a Bonus Sale invoice.
  4. Your Bonus can only be used for merchandise. It cannot be used for sales tax, delivery, outstanding balances, removal, services or anything else that is not merchandise.
  5. Maple Corner Woodworks and American Leather Comfort Sleeper products are not included in the Bonus Sale. Purchases of these items do not earn a bonus nor can bonuses be used for their purchase. They are already on sale.
  6. Cancellation of an item on a Bonus Sale invoice will void the bonus.
  7. Sectionals and fabric yardage are considered a single item.
  8. All standard Fly By Night store policies remain in effect
  9. Fly By Night asserts and reserves the sole right to interpret and administer the rules of the Bonus Sale