Berkeley Ergonomic

Understanding Mattress Performance

We searched 10 years for the perfect mattress and we finally found it. Come experience these unique European engineered mattresses. The comfort, support and feel are amazing!
They feature:
  • Superior German steel micro-coil springs
  • Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
  • Breathable wool-lined cover made with 100% organic cotton for cool, dry sleep
  • Unique "your-side & my-side" comfort customization
Fly By Night is only place in New England you can find these great mattresses. So come to our showroom, lay down and feel the difference for yourself.

The Berkeley Ergonomics Mattress System: Designed to feel better, last longer and sleep deeper

The quality of your sleep greatly affects the quality of your life. Berkeley Ergonomics considers every factor that can aid or impede sleep. Their mattresses yield to conform to your body. This reduces pressure on your shoulders and hips, enabling you to attain a neutral sleep posture for deeper breathing and more restful sleep. Their mattresses are breathable, allowing your perspiration to evaporate while you sleep, lowering your body temperature and reducing your heart rate.

The European Flexible Slat System enhances the feel and performance of a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress

The flexible slat foundation is designed to do more than merely support your mattress -- it is designed to support you. The curved slats in the foundation provide both suspension and contour for greater comfort and pressure reduction. And the slat system is fully adjustable and dual-sided to meet the needs of individual sleepers. The flexible slat foundation replaces your box spring and fits in most standard-sized bed frames. Paired with a flexible, supportive mattress, it is an integral part of the Berkeley Ergonomics system.