About Us

Fly By Night was founded on the streets of Amherst, Massachusetts in 1988 with a sidewalk vending permit and a VW Bus. We quickly became grounded in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts and by 1992 we had moved into our current location on 21 State Street, right around the corner from Main Street and the Academy of Music. Starting from a small storefront in a large building, we kept growing, expanding our product lines and slowly taking over the complete building. In 2002 we outgrew our warehouse space and built a modern, 20,000 sq. foot warehouse in neighboring Easthampton. In 2007 a major retail store expansion was completed, giving us five times the showroom space and allowing us to showcase many new product lines and styles.

Little did we suspect that nearly twenty years after our humble beginnings we would have grown into one of the leading futon retailers in New England as well as Northampton's largest furniture store. But while we may have grown larger over the years, we haven't changed our ethics or compromised our quality. We are constantly educating ourselves and searching for the best and newest products on the market and sharing what we learn with our customers. We strive to support our community and our industry and to treat people in a helpful and respectful manner. Thank you for being our customer.